Fishing for wild fish.

Day 1 – Making a swim.

In the back channel I planned to fish I found an area that looked nice and had seen fish in that move there before.

The swim was by a small road bridge with a large over hanging tree on the far bank.

However it was very weedy with only a small clear channel in the middle.

After cutting a path down the steep bank to the water through the brambles and nettles I used a homemade rake on a rope and cleared out the swim.

As I was leaving a very big carp came cursing past and vanished as it swam over the newly cleared area.

Day 2 – Baiting

In the morning before I went off to fish a match with my Dad I quickly made up a mix of vitalin, micro halibut pellets, corn and 15mm boilies. I put 5 big handfuls in the cleared area which was about 6ft by 5ft

This was the start of the pre baiting.


Day 3 and 4 was more prebaiting in the morning. After breakfast I would walk over and put in a third of a kg and then the same after dinner In the evening.

Day 5:

I got up early and fished the pre baited swim.

There was loads of rudd and roach there so getting a bait through them to the bottom was hard. I ended up catching some really nice Rudd to a pound and also very nice roach.

Interestingly part way through the session I  noticed a Koi also swimming under the trees and around weed beds on the far bank.

It was silver with black spots and looked a good 15lb or so.

I came back in the evening to find lots of fizzing, just the sign I wanted. The prebaiting had worked and some bigger fish had moved in. I fished that evening and caught plenty more rudd and roach and best of all a fantastic wild tench that was dark in color and very strong.

Day 6

Once again at about 8am I put some more bait in and returned to fish it at around 4pm. This session only lasted 40 mins but a nice Rudd and a roach / bream hybrid which was 1.5lb I estimated was caught by myself and a friend of mine.

While we played the roach bream hybrid a very very big fish was disturbed and swam into the weed.

It looked like a big pike or carp and it was certainly 13lb +

Day 7

By now I was really hoping for a big fish knowing it has been a week since the baiting  process began. After only ten minutes the float bobbed, rose slightly then shot away. Another dark stunning tench of about 4lb and I know it is not a big tench but from this was from a drainage ditch in a field that’s about 20ft wide. I well chuffed.

I’ve since spoken to another angler who said years ago the ditch had some huge bream well over 8lb and he’d had tench to 7lb out the ditch further along.…..I’ll be back to fish this again.



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