About me

Hi, my name is James.

At the age of 4 I started going fishing with my dad. My first fish was a crucian carp caught on an old estate lake near Lingfield; that’s when I became hooked on fishing!

I started off catching roach, rudd, perch and all the small species. I learnt the knots, the floats, the hooks and by 9 years old I could pretty well fish on my own. One day whilst fishing for roach with sweetcorn I hooked a carp and that changed the way I fish. I started reading angling books and got to know new methods such as quiver tipping, surface fishing and even fly fishing.

The biggest excitement of my fishing life so far is filming for Mr Crabtree Series 2, travelling around the UK and France with some amazing guys and catching many personal bests; What an amazing time. I now regularly fish with John Bailey (my fishing hero) other highlights of the filming were fishing with Alan Blair and Alan Stagg for crucian carp, spending time with Dave Lidstone, Scot Maslin and many more amazing fishermen such as Mike Holcombe. While filming I broke many pbs, even catching my biggest ever fish a 42lb common carp in France.

So here I am today still catching amazing fish, loving my fishing, writing blogs for Crabtree and making a video’s now and then.

James fishingDC3_1815-500x332SAM_7243

Photos reproduced by kind permission of Mr Crabtree

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